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IN NEED OF SERIOUS HELP!!! Please Read and Signal Boost!!!


So, I know the name of the gofundme page is about moving, but I had very very serious, important, and horribly inconvenient news that is going to change the nature of the donation page.

I just woke up today to a letter from a law office about something that happened a year ago. A year ago I left my job at Little Ceaser’s Pizza because I was getting no hours, and my fiance at the time got fired from his job, so I needed to look for something better. After a month of no replies to job applications, and the threat of losing my apartment, I was desperate.

And as much as I’m ashamed to admit it, I fell prey to a craigslist scam, because I was so scared and so worried and so in need of money. I became just shy of $2000 in debt at the bank I was at. My fiance’s dad was kind enough to pay $1300 of the debt off, and took us down to Alabama with him while I searched for a job there. (Lo and behold we had lost our apartment here in Illinois and had no where else to turn to.)

After a year of hearing nothing, I was hopeful not to hear about the debt again, since I still can’t seem to get a job, and I had paid a large percentage of it off.

But I got a letter from a law office today about the remaining $611.57. I have no job, I’m staying in my grandparent’s apartment with my partner, who barely makes enough money to feed us a month.I have no way of paying back this money on my own. I am in so much need of help, and so I’m going to turn to your help tumblr. I’ve seen you guys help so many people in need, and now its my turn. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE AND SIGNAL BOOST!! Help me out, I’m so scared and worried about this letter. I’m only 19 years old and I don’t want to have debt collectors after me already.

And for those who want something in return, if you donate over $10, email me at with your name and tumblr url, and I’ll do a FULL COLOUR SKETCH COMMISSION for you over at wonderfulmika, of anything you want. ANYTHING!!!

Thank you tumblr, in advance. I know you won’t let me down. I love you guys. And thanks for all the help! And if anyone has any other way they’d like to help me out, feel free to message me about it!

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